Mana FAQ & How To

What is Mana?

Mana is a booking app that lets you easily list your space or services for Guests to reserve, and allows you to accept credit card payments online. Guests can book your listings based on your calendar, and reserve their booking by paying.

  1. Your private Mana account is free to setup and use.
  2. Use your existing social media to market your listings.
  3. If you charge Guests for booking, their fees are less then most booking or scheduling apps.
  4. Reduce costly cancellations and no-shows. Your Guests reserve by paying up front when they book.
  5. It's free to use! Guests pay all booking fees when they reserve.
  6. Keep your Mana listings free! You decide when your customers pay.
  7. List anything (legal) you have. You can list your space, items and/or indie services!
  8. Listings are super flexible. They can be Hourly, Timeslots (classes), or Daily.

Quick Start

  1. Sign in with your Google account.
  2. Create a profile with pictures, a description, and links back to your social media accounts.
  3. Setup a payment account with Stripe (SSN & bank info) to accept credit cards online.
  4. Add a listing (or a few) with a description, contact info, availability, and hourly fees.
  5. Share your listing page URL to your social media, website or DM, start booking clients and getting paid!

How Mana Works

Service Fees

Guests pay all fees associated with a booking at the time of reservation.

  1. Stripe charges $0.30 and 2.9% per booking.
  2. Mana charges 5% per booking (total of $0.30 and 7.9% per booking).

Google Sign In & Calendar Sync

Mana uses Google for sign in and to sync your booking calendar.

  1. Your information and data is always safe; Mana doesn't copy, edit, or destroy events except the bookings we make in your synced calendars.
  2. We strongly recommend creating a new Google calendar to sync your Mana listings.
  3. Block out your breaks and days off from your Mana availability by creating events (hours, all day, recurring) in your synced Google calendar.
  4. Sync other booking services to the same Google calendar and Mana won't double-book any busy times.


Use Hourly, Timeslots, or Daily availability types to customize booking rules for your services, spaces, or items. Mana gives you the flexibility to create unique listings for your business.


  1. You can charge by the hour, or partial hour in 15 minute increments.
  2. Guests have flexibility in when they book your listing.
  3. Hourly is great for conference rooms, open ended services like.

Timeslots (classes)

  1. Use Timeslots for set appointments, such as classes or sessions that start and end at pre-determined times.
  2. List classes with limited or unlimited seats. Great for classes, sports fields, camps, events, and more!


  1. Use Daily listings for renting desks, conference rooms, spaces or other items for days and extended periods of time.
  2. Daily prices are charged per day. Guests have the ability to select multiple days.

All Listings

  1. Set (multiple) discounts and cancellation policies per each listing.
  2. Add custom questions to find out more about your guests.
  3. Set listings to Public, Private, Archive.
  4. Auto-approve bookings to automate your scheduling and get paid instantly.
  5. It's important that you accurately describe your listing in the description field. Add any details you think

Booking Cancellation, Discount and Refund Policies

Mana gives you the flexibility to set your own discount and cancelation policies. Guests may cancel a booking without penalty up until the start of the booking, unless an Admin has specified a custom Cancellation Policy for their listing.

  1. An Admin may cancel a booking up until a booking’s start time for any reason, and Mana will automatically refund the booking fee to the guest (via Stripe).
  2. Mana cannot refund a booking after it has commenced.
  3. Admins may refund full or partial booking fees after a booking, via Stripe, at their discretion.
  4. Admins may specify multiple discounts for a listing. For example, if a Guest books over 4 hours, you can give a 10% discount on the total; over 8 hours, 20%.
  5. Set multiple cancelation policies. For example, if a Guest cancels before 72 hours of a booking, there is no cancelation fee. If they cancel within 72 hours, they'll be charged 10%. If they cancel within 48 hours, they'll be charged 25%, &tc.

Account Settings & Profile

Admins may delete their profile or listings at any time. Mana does not store any data associated with your account after deletion.

  1. To delete your account, scroll to the bottom of your Profile page to find the Delete Profile button
  2. To delete a listing, scroll to the bottom of your edit Listing page to find the Delete Listing button
  3. If you delete your profile, you must reenter all information. Deleted accounts are not recoverable
  4. If you delete your profile or listing, all upcoming bookings will be immediately cancelled and charges and fees will be refunded.
  5. You can add your company logo or personal picture, as well as images and text captions that describe your service or space.
  6. You can enter a custom URL "slug" that describes your business for your profile AND for your listing.
  7. Add your social media links to your profile so Guests can follow you!

Community Rules

Be nice

No name calling (or otherwise threatening, inflammatory, or harmful language). Treat people as you would like to be treated. Scammers will be banned and prosecuted.

Keep it legal

Spaces and events occurring in Spaces listed on Mana must comply with any laws- including applicable taxes, permits, and zoning restrictions. Mana restricts listings for high risk behavior which could cause bodily, physical, or environmental harm.

Be honest

Please do not post false or misleading information, such as lower prices than you intend to charge. You must have authority to post on behalf of other businesses and properties if you are not the owner. Guests must be honest about how they intend to use the Space.

Respect other people’s property (OPP)

Do not take or copy other people’s content or information from Mana or use copyrighted content you do not own on Mana. During a booking, Mana may pass along your email address, but there is no need for users to post their home address, phone number, or any other personal contact information. Guests must treat Spaces with respect, leaving the Space as it was when they arrived. Don’t spam. Do not use information from our service to contact other users obtrusively.

Generally speaking

Mana has few rules, but we do take them seriously. By agreeing to Mana’s Terms of Service, you agree to follow our Rules and Etiquette. If we believe any of these rules have been violated, we may moderate and delete content. In cases of extreme or repeated violations we may suspend and/or terminate accounts. If you need to alert us to anything that you believe violates our Rules and Etiquette (*or Terms of Service), please contact us at [email protected].